Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Locking Fall Protection Trolley.

In-House Production has come-up with a New Design for Trolleys used in/for Fall Protection. IHP redesigned the existing AMC Trolley, then added in a Custom Brake. Yes you heard right. A Custom Trolley Braking System designed for Fall Protection.

In-House Production's Fall Protection Trolley Brake

We at IHP have a Trolley that runs Smoothly and Stays Center as it rides along a 6" x 3.33" American Standard  6061-T6 I-Beam. The Braking System rides inside the Trolley. The Swivel Ring is attached to the Braking System, (not the trolley).

IHP's Trolley Brake with Retractable Life Line
How does the Fall Protection Breaking System work. The Breaking System is designed to stay open and let the trolley run freely on the I-Beam. As soon as 40 pounds of downward force is added to the ring, the breaking system engages and grabs the I-Beam. This stays locked onto the I-Beam until pressure is released.  In this photo we have attached a Retractable Life Line from Ultra-Safe.

IHP's Set-Up and Rigging Gear for Rent

Check out the long shot. At the bottom of the photo, you can see the Aluminum 6" 6061 T-6 I-Beam the Trolley Braking System was designed for. You also get a look at the 20.5" truss the I-Beam hangs from. This I-Beam and truss can be 5' long or 200' long. You name your needs. We have a Self Climbing Ground Support System using 20.5" truss legs and custom sleeve blocks. At the bottom of the legs are IHP's 3' x 3' x  1' Base Weights that has a weight of 1,250 pounds. If you look at the center of the photo, you can see a custom built frame for hanging Planar Video Wall. This wall will fly-in for viewing, then fly-out and hide.

Check out our web-site at ihplabor.com for more information. IHP is a Stagehand Labor Provider for Shows and Events that has Rigging and Staging Rental Gear. Check out our Rental Catalog on the web.

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