Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Speaker Carts By In-House Production

Lee Pepper at RRS Audio Productions asked In-House Production (IHP) if we could design and build some Custom Speaker Carts for their KARA ll LoudSpeakers. With a lot of collaboration, I believe we came up with some simple and usable speaker carts. 

Speaker Carts

IHP then came up with a way to add his Company's Name to the Speaker Carts and Protect the front of the KARA Speakers. The design worked out very well. 

Company Name on Carts. 

 Lift the Speakers right out of the Transportation Carts. How simple can it get? 

In-House Production

Friday, September 8, 2023

Stage Decking/Platforms at In-House Production

In-House Production continues to advance in offering tailored design, layout, and installation of Stage Decking and Pro Deck Platforms for the entertainment sector.

The integration of adjustable stairs and handrails that securely fasten to the Stage Decks streamlines the setup process, ultimately saving both labor hours and costs during installation and teardown.

Utilizing versatile adjustable legs compatible with all stage decks allows for height variations from 24" to 70". The bridge legs further expedite the installation process.

Our uniquely crafted Pro Decks are virtually indestructible and versatile. They can be utilized as stages, work tables, carts, and for various other applications.

The Pro Deck is available in a variety of sizes, and its fork-friendly design broadens its range of applications.

For details on this product or to explore other offerings from In-House Production, reach out to us via email at or give us a call at 702-631-4748.


Custom Stage Lighting Instrument Carts

In-House Production (IHP) was asked to build some custom carts for Lighting Instruments.

What we devised are adjustable hanging poles that can be tailored to accommodate various stage lighting instruments. 

The lighting carts are not only versatile in their adjustability, but are also thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into a truck pack. 

Not only are they tailored for truck packs, but they're also stackable, optimizing storage space in your warehouse.

For details on this product or to explore other offerings from In-House Production, reach out to us via email at or give us a call at 702-631-4748.


5' High Stage Platform Bridge Legs and Adjustable Stairs.

In-House Production (IHP) has created bespoke Bridge Legs tailored for our 4' x 8' SC Stage Platforms

For more information on the 5' high Bridge Platforms or what In-House Production has to offer, email us at or call at 702-631-4748


Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Hello everyone from IHP. Today we thought we would EXPERIMENT with one of our 3' x 3' x 3' Base Weights/Ballast (BWB) that weighs about 4000 pounds just to see what it would take to drag it using our trusty forklift. The BWB was sitting flat on the asphalt road with nothing under the weight.  
What we found was dragging the bwb from a straight pull was around 1700 lbs and the angle drag force pull was around 1450 lbs.  


This is a difference of about 250 lbs drag force. So, going from a flat pull to an angle pull reduces the force it takes to move the weight. The bwb still weighed 4000 lbs. 

To give the bwb better stay-in-place force, we could have added rubber under the bwb or staked the bwb down using tent stakes. This was a simple test so we can make better plans when using our Base Weight/Ballast.

If you would like more information about IHP's Base Weights, give us a call at
702-631-4748  or email us a

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

In-House Production's Audio Towers and Crews.

Audio Towers by IHP
Audio Towers by IHP
  In-House Production's Audio     Towers are a great addition to   RRS Productions Audio   Systems when required to hang   speakers 30 feet to 40 feet in   the air with no worries. All   towers are engineered for the   application they are used for. 

IHP's Crew Working on Audio Tower
IHP's Crew Working on Audio Tower
IHP's crew is working to stabilize the speaker towers for a safe event. We had some great help from the local Allegiant Crew. 

When working in the Allegiant Stadium, IHP's crew needed to be properly dressed for the job. Allegiant Stadium is the home of OUR LAS VEGAS RAIDERS, and the best way to respect the Raiders in the Allegiant Stadium is to be in Raiders Colors, SILVER & BLACK. 

"IHP's Crew Uniform at the Allegiant Stadium"

You get a front and back view of IHP's crew uniforms for the installation and strike of Audio Towers and RRS Audio Speakers. 

"IHP's Crew Uniform at the Allegiant Stadium"

IHP Thanks, RRS Audio Production and 4Wall for letting IHP be a part of this GREAT Event.

In-House Production
Las Vegas, Nevada


Custom Low-Profile Audio Carts

RRS Audio Systems ask In-House Production to custom-build low-profile audio carts that will easily roll on the grass 

After a little back and forth we came up with the perfect design to have speakers on the football field. 

 They look good and work great. Thanks, RRS for a great project.

Delivery inside the Allegiant Stadium

In-House Production delivered staging and trussing and a small crew to the Allegiant Stadium for one of the GREAT events inside the stadium. 

The side of the truck says everything we do at In-House Production.