Tuesday, June 21, 2022




In-House Production has you covered with all your weight needs. Custom outriggers are attached to the base weights. Base weights already have grade 8 nuts installed for easy installation of hardware or truss. 

Need some serious tilt prevention. Give this a try. this makes a serious for print. It also moves the weight outside of the base weight. This works great in parking garages or anywhere you need to move the weight around. Only at In-House Production.

Simple, easy, and clean outrigger for those with special needs. Fits all of our 1ft and 2ft base weights. Only at In-House Production.

Use any corner block  the size truss you are using for outriggers. Add a 4 ft or 5ft truss and get some real overturn safety. Only at In-House Production.

Not only does the center eye swivel ring carry 10,000 pounds and swivel at any angle, but it can also be locked into place for safety and security. Only at In-House Production.

 With the double schedule 80 pipes, you can strap anything down. This has double pipes, a center anchor point, 5/8" shackles holes, and bolt down with the 20.5in bolt pattern. Only at In-House Production.

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