Thursday, January 21, 2021


 Steel Cases that have several uses. (1) removable inter cradles can be made for any size or manufacturer's hoists. IHP has in stock CM and Chain Master for the crates in the photos are built for those hoists from 1/4-ton to 2-ton hoists. 

The steel cases are built with several different sizes and thicknesses of steel tubing for long longevity. 2" x 5" swivel casters add to the cases for easy rolling on concrete or carpet. 

Forklift friendly and easy to stack for storage or truck loads. Most any color is available and have your name and bar-code number cut into the steel for recognition. As you can see, Yellow is our color.

Give In-House Production (IHP) a call for more information as to our Motor/Cable Crates.

In-House Production

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