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IHP's Crews in and out of the shop.

Every morning at 8 AM, the IHP crew gathers for a strategic session to discuss the day's agenda and outline our preparation strategies. We acknowledge that the day's plans might evolve, and we're always equipped to adapt to such changes. Additionally, we engage in a brief discussion on potential developments in the coming days. This collaborative approach fosters a strong team spirit, and I'm proud to contribute to this unified effort.


At In-House Production, our crews collaborate closely to devise and execute plans that ensure safety and efficiency for both our clients and the teams installing our designs. Specializing in unique and challenging projects, we service the entire Las Vegas region. For your next unique project, consider partnering with In-House Production to bring your vision to life with precision and expertise.

In-House Production Supplies Rigging, Staging, Labor.

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When you delve into the internals of a chain hoist for repairs, you often encounter the most unexpected issues. Although chain hoists are designed for longevity, they still require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure their continued performance and safety.

While your chain hoists may be well-maintained in your workshop, the rigors of the job site can be unforgiving, leading to wear and tear by the crews. This is precisely where our services can be of assistance.

In-House Production

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