Sunday, January 27, 2008

Colosseum Part 2

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace has made the changeover from Celine Dion to Bette Midler's stage event, and is now set up and ready for rehearsals. The raked stage on which Celine Dion performed has been removed, and a flat stage added. The stage thrust was shortened and more seats added to this 4000 seat theater. Tait Towers built the platforms used for the temporary stage. The Tait stage platforms can be changed depending on the show needs.

From December 26 to January 21st we removed the raked stage and stair unit used in Celine's show, and installed a Gala Lift System with 6 spiralifts and guides. The lift was designed to rise above the concrete floor by 4 feet. This was done to raise the basement floor to the height of the stage lift. We built up the basement with platforms built right here at In-House Production. (The risers are shown in our blog.)

We also installed over 30,000 feet of 3/16" aircraft cable to the fly system. The battens are all automated, each of them being a 15-line system per batten. We did this to remove curved battens used in the Celine Dion show, and to restore the venue to a more traditional theater feel.

We completed the changeover 3 days ahead of schedule, which allowed Bette Midler's load-in to start 3 days early. When truckloads of fly props and stage scenery began to arrive, we were ready to bring it into the theater and start installing the show.

More to come.

Thanks Chase

Soon we'll have to say bye and thanks to Chase Webb for all the work he has done on the changeover at the Colosseum. He took time out from working and living in Hawaii to come to Las Vegas and help us with all the paperwork involved in payroll and billing. We had four jobs with four companies within the Colosseum, and labor needed everywhere. It was a big job just keeping up with who had to be billed to what part of which job, and he did great.

At the end of the month, Chase will be heading back to Hawaii to take care of a couple of jobs we're doing there.

Thanks for the help.

Fall Protection Training

Our top sales person, Mike, has completed a 17-hour training course with HY-SAFE. The course was conducted at HY-SAFE's office, where all the equipment for their training program was located. Great training class to learn how and why, when, and where such equipment should be used.
We are now able to sell and install all types of your fall protection needs. We are licensed and bonded with the State Contractor Board with 2 licenses, C14 and C26, for your peace of mind. When it comes to your protection, we're here for the long run.

Let us (Mike) design your fall protection needs and supply all your fall protection equipment for your job.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stage Platforms

This is a photo of the platforms that we at In-House are building for rental. This is before paint and the wood top. The platforms are strong enough to hold a 26' scissor lift and move around on the platform.