Monday, October 4, 2021

Ballast/Base-Weight At The Pool.

In-House Production (IHP) had a call from a client asking for 5,500 lbs of ballast weight. Under normal circumstances, this would be simple. IHP would deliver the weights, unload them with a forklift, and put them into place. This was not Normal. 

IHP's Base-Weights x 2

The weights had to be on the second floor next to the pool. What we did is take a 3'x3'x2' tall, weights to the elevator one at a time. Using our pallet jack to move the 2,700-pound ballast into the elevator, we rolled the ballast into the elevator without sacrificing elevator load limits. We delivered the ballast to the pool area and then put them into place next to the pool. 

Then we added the top plate and bolted the 2 ballast weights together to make one (1) 5,700-pound ballast. "WOW". This happens 4 times at all four corners. We gave the engineer the weight they ask for plus more. 

Weights 2,700 each, bolt-down plate 308 pounds, swivel eye rates at 10,000 pounds, The plan worked.

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