Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fall Protection

We at In-House Production, riggers that we are, know that when you work high in the air as we do, safety is the Number One priority. Having the right safety equipment is a must. Proper safety equipment can save a life -- perhaps your life. We depend upon fall protection every day, which is why we work with HY-SAFE TECHNOLOGY, a TURNKEY FALL PROTECTION SOLUTION COMPANY.

HY-SAFE is a perfect fit for In-House Production. They make the right equipment for the right job. Working with HY-SAFE, we can offer Engineered Systems -Horizontal and Vertical Lifelines, Temporary Systems, Specialty and Custom Solutions, Fall Protection Softgoods, Training and Assessment and much much more.

In-House Production and Hy-Safe Safety equipment: on your side.
For more information about about all your Fall Protection needs, give us a call at In-House Production.


In-House Production, on December 16th will start the change over from Celine Dion's five year run to the Bette Midler's show at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace Hotel. After working with CDA (Las Vegas), when installing the Celine Dion show (5) five years ago, and taking care of their labor needs for the past (5) five years, CDA (Las Vegas), AEG, and Harris Entertainment has hired I-HP for this very large change over of staging, rigging, lighting, video, audio, plus installing a Gala Lift in the center of the new stage. All lighting in the showroom will be removed, clean and rehang for the new Bette Midler show, the slope stage will be removed and replacd with a flat platform stage built by Tait Towers, In-House Production's Pro Stage will be used in the basement to bring the floor to the Gala Lift hight when the lift is down in the basement. Rigging will be removing curved batten pipes and replaced with straight batten pipes. This will involve recabling winchs motors, moving sheaves in the grid. The line sets ar 15 lines. Just a small theater.

I will add more to this as the work progresses. Stay tuned.