Thursday, August 18, 2016

We have to say GoodBye to Several Friends

It is hard to say goodbye to friends.

It has been a long time that anything has been said in this blog. The reason for this is because a GOOD FRIEND and Colleague Eric Minton passed away this year. Eric was the one person that took care of this Blog, Facebook and IHP's Catalog.

I met Eric in Hawaii at the local stagehand union 665. At that time, some 10 years ago, he was the Secretary / Treasurer of Local 665. An old time stagehand traveling with Ice Capades, he found Hawaii, and stayed in Hawaii. He moved to Las Vegas around 2012. We stayed friends and colleagues. With the photos he took, the trains he talked about, it was a joy to sit and talk story with him as he had been a lot of places and done a lot.

Eric Minton will be missed.

I would also like to say Goodbye to Kyla. She didn't pass, just left IHP. It's never fun to have a friend leave the job as good friends are hard to come by. Kyla and Mark were a team at In-House Production, and in life. I hope they stay a team for a very very long time. Thanks for letting us at In-House Production be a part of your team.

May Life Take Care of You Both.