Thursday, April 4, 2013


Have you ever gone into a Building, Showroom, Casino, Convention Space or Lobby and wondered how they clean those hanging Chandeliers. So did management, at one of the showrooms in Las Vegas. They gave us at In-House Production a call and asked us to come down and look at rehanging their chandeliers. They wanted to lower the chandeliers for cleaning. We went to the catwalks to get a closer look at the chandeliers and how they were hanging. You could see the collection of dust from years of hanging with no attention. The showroom was never down long enough to install scaffolding all around the chandelier for cleaning. This is not a small chandelier. each one was about 10 to 12 foot across and about 4 foot tall.

After years of hanging in the showroom collecting dust, we came up with the plan to hang a chain hoist for moving the chandelier up and down for service, and then having a dead-hang cable installed when it's in it's resting place. We also had the electric to the chandelier redone. After several days of planning, building some custom parts, we had the rigging team go in and start installing the custom rigging parts. When done, the chandelier came down to the ground. This was a great day. Years of dust sitting there will now be gone.

The timing was Great for this rigging project. At this time, production was putting in a new show which involved new sets, speakers, redo the fly system for lighting and new lighting equipment. Working with the great house crew, In-House Production supplied the extra crews to install this new show. In-House Production had, Carpenters, Lighting Tech, Audio Tech, Video Tech, Riggers and Loaders.

Load-in was fun. Most stages you work at have the load-in door on the ground level. Not this place. You unload the truck, push the sets down a long walkway to a chain hoist, hook your sets to the chain hoist and pull it up along the wall for about 30 feet. No Large Service Elevator here. Rolling cases go down a long hall to the service elevator. This service elevator is the size of a large people elevator. Great for cases and small items that roll, but not sets. From ground to stage is about 10 minutes if the elevator is working.

At the end of the day, everyone was happy. The load in went great, the showroom was able to clean their chandelier, new carpets, new seats down front and production had a great show. It was a very good day.

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