Thursday, November 16, 2017

"STARS" Labor Management Software at In-House Production

What is SYNCHRONUS. SYNCHRONUS is a Proprietary Stage/Labor-Management Software designed and developed by In-House Production for use in the Entertainment and Convention Industry. The software was built to eliminate excel forms used when supplying labor for those events. Give the client Real-Time information for all their labor requests for the event.

What is "STARS". It is (Stagehand Time Attendance Reporting System), the first SYNCHRONUS's Labor & Time Management Software. Move your labor management by eliminating pencil and paper, and move into the digital format.

Labor Planning:  One or a Group of labor coordinators can plan the next day's labor needs. Working together, they can fill the event, booth or show calls with labor need and track Day's, Weeks and Months.

Scanning In-Out:  Workers start the day using their badges give to them by the union, non-union or company. When the workers scan in, they are ask their availability for the next day. This helps for the next days work calls. They then sign their name on the screen/tablet. When done signing in, the worker is texted have all the information they need to go to work. What booth to report to. Who is the lead in the booth they need to report to? What department they will be working in. All within seconds on their phone.

Time Tracking:  The labor coordinator can see and keep track of 6th and 7th days. Even if they move from job to job, place to place or booth to booth. Add Union and non-union contracts into the software let time tracking track rates for each employee or client. This takes the guess-work out of tracking the employees working time and pay situations.

Reporting:  IHP can give real-time numbers to the client with a couple keystrokes on the computer while the client weights. What information might you need? Just ask.

Dispatching:  With Dispatch within SYNCHRONUS, you can ask if the workers are available and they can respond back through using the "STARS" APP. We then send the jobs out through the "STARS" APP to the workers. Workers then know when, where, and what time their next job starts. There is far more to the dispatch program then we have time for.

In-House Production, 
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"STARS" IHP's Stagehands Labor Management Software

"STARS" is a Stagehands Labor Management Software that In-House Production has been developing for several years. IHP's labor crew calls will be far more accurate and our clients will have real time numbers when they need them, like, Numbers of Crews, Hours Worked, Total Labor Cost in Real-Time.  Labor hours will be simplified for a higher quality and accuracy for our payroll processing needs.

All labor orders are completed and dispatched before the stagehand gets to the job site. When the stagehand scans-in using their ID badges, they are prompted to the next screen, as well as to where to go, and who to report to.

On Scan-in, they are ask asked several questions to simplify the next days labor requirements.

A new way to speed-up and simplify the signing-in process for stagehand and labor coordinators. Wireless, Portable and works through the world wide web (internet).



(Labor Planning, Time Tracking, Scanning In-Out, Reporting, Dispatching) 

 Stagehand Time Attendance Reporting System for the Entertainment & Convention Industry.
Only at In-House Production. 

We can make it work!

In-House takes the time to look at the problems that may arise. Will it work? How will it work?

Pat and Jeff working on a project.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Large Base Weights

So how does those 3' x 3' x 2' tall Base Weights at 2,750 pounds live on and move around using a furniture dolly? 

Building New 3' x 3' x 2' Base Weights.
As you look at the base weights, the only way they can sit on furniture dollies is they are still in fabrication. They are now completed and there is no way a furniture dolly can carry or survive under the base weights now they are done.

Look for the NEW add-ons that we are building that bolts to all our Base Weights

In-House Production, 6620 W Arby Ave, Las Vegas, NV 
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Friday, September 22, 2017


New Flyers At In-House Production.
Do you like this Flyer

We then came up with a SHOW LABOR flyer. Flyers are all about "In-House Production" and what we are able to do at                               In-House Production. 

And the last Flyer
And the last of the flyer. This last flyer is something new to In-House Production. An office for Labor in New York City and its surrounding areas. IHP now has stagehand labor in the BIG City of New York.......

Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 21, 2017




Saturday, January 28, 2017

1,300 Pound Base Weights

Base Weights 4 Rent. What are They. 3' x 3' x 1' tall 1,250 pound to 1,450 pound Concrete filled Steel Plate Frame, 1-1/2" pipes on all 4 corners. Center Plate has grade 8 nuts as part of the Center Plate that have some movement. This helps as all Aluminum Truss is a little different in size, so the wiggle nuts help with bolting truss in place.
IHP Base Weight and what they can do. 
They have very many uses. With the Center Swivel Pick-Point the Base Weights can be used to attach Guide Cables to or used to Lift into Place. Add 4 Screw Jacks to Level the Base Weights on Un-Level Ground.

 How The Base Weights Bolt Together
How high would you like to stack them, How much weight do you need for your job. (1) is 1,250 (2) is 2,500 pounds (3) is 3,750 (4) is 5,000 (5) is 6,250. How many would you like to bolt together.

Ready for use
Bolt Base Weights together and add out-riggers and what do you have. Something heavy and strong for that special build. Looking at 3,750 pounds together. (HUNK OF LOVE)

Base Weights for Rent. Have Bottom Weight for 12"x 12" Aluminum Stage Truss or 20.5" x 20.5" Aluminum Stage Truss. Base Weights are 3' x 3' x 12" tall and come in at around 1,250 pounds. Newly Built Base Weights are over 1,300 Pounds. We will Ship.


Have A Questions, Give us a Call at 702-631-4748. OR FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK.

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I had a Local Las Vegas Company ask if In-House Production could come up with a Custom Hanging Brackets for their ClearOne Beamforming Array 2 Microphones. They were looking for 1/2 inch space between the Array 2 Microphone and ceiling. The other criteria was to bolt the Microphone to the electrical receptacle box mounted on the ceiling or wall. I said, we at In-House Production are up to the challenge.
ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array 2.

Beamforming Array 2 Microphone Double Bracket #92000
In-House Production came up with the Design, then Machined our Design form a block of 6061 T-6 Aluminum.
The Face Bracket attaches to the Array 2 Microphone. It also has 4

Pins for Sliding the 2 parts together. The second part of the Custom Machined Bracket is 6061 T6 Aluminum which attaches to the Electrical Receptacle Box on the ceiling or wall. What a simple idea for installing the Beamforming Array 2 Microphone.

The half that attaches to the Array 2 Microphone weights in at 1/2 pound and bolt right to the Microphone.

This part of the Bracket can bolt to the Microphone, or be re-drilled and be fitted to anything one might need to hang.

Bottom Bracket with Hook Pins. #92000A

You can check out the Photo and see that when the Bracket is attached to he Microphone, it has the hole in the middle and space under the bracket for Data Cables to run under without interference.

As you look at the Mounting Bracket you can see the 2 screws going into into the Electrical Receptacle Box and hold the upper bracket into place. With the added slots, the Microphone be placed at a 45 degree or 90 degree to the Electrical Receptacle Box. It also has a little play so the plate can move for the special touch.

Ceiling/ Top Mounting Bracket to except Hook Pins #92000B

We made a few extra Receptacle Mount ClearOne Beamforming Array 2 Microphone Hanging Brackets. If you have a need for this type of bracket, give us a call at In-House Production. Ask for 92000 is both together or 92000A is the bottom part or 92000B is the top part.

In-House Production. 6620 W Arby Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89118. tel 702-631-4748.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


As the 2016 year came's to an end, In-House Production had its yearly Christmas Party. This year, the party was at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. I have to say this was one of the better Christmas parties we had for all those that have helped In-House grow to what it is today.  
IHP's 2016 Christmas Party at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. The Backroom was taken over with food, drinks, games, service and good times. Hofbrauhaus is known for this type of events. 

IHP's part of the party space
As the guest started to attend the party, tables started to fill up, and drinks started to flow.

Toast to Friends, and Good Health. 
Hofbrauhaus is know for the great Food, Drinks and Entertainment that only the Germans can do. This is why we decided to having the 2016 Christmas party at Hofbrauhaus. What a great and perfect place.

If you frequently attend the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas for food and drinks, you know about what comes with drinking shot. Shots were flowing as you can see.

Santa, Santa's helper and Pat. (All three are family)

 Santa and Santa's Helper stop by to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Santa handed out presents to all.

Pat B wanted to make sure he had a photo with Santa.

                                                                         I We would like to say Thank-You to all those that came to the 2016 In-House Production's Christmas Party. Everyone had a Great Time and we were glad to have the party.

In-House Production. 6620 w Arby Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89118. tel 702-631-4748

Monday, January 9, 2017


Look what In-House Production has found hiding in our warehouse. NEW ROUND 25 POUND SAND-BAGS with a Hole in the Center like a donuts. Yes you heard right. A Sand-Bag that looks like a DONUT. Round Sand-Bags are 13" across and 3" high with a center hole that fits right around the Base Plate Pin with Screw Assembly. 

13" x 3" 25 pound Round Sand-Bags at IHP

Check-out the photos to see just how ROUND the  Round Sand-Bags are. 

Sand-Bag use from IHP
The Sand-Bag have Snap-Hooks for locking closed. As you see below, and handles. As you see above, One (1) Sand-Bag is open for sliding around objects and the other is snapped close for final use. 

Rental Sand-Bags at IHP
Do you need more then 25 pounds to keep the wind from taking down the 100' long pipe and Drape set-up. Add more Sand-Bags to give the base plates more weight. They Look Good and more Bottom Weight is always good.

Why go out-side and find rocks for weight to add the the base plates when you can have Nice Looking  Round 25 pound Sand-Bags. Your client will like the look, so you become that go to guy in your company when they want it done right. What would you use them for.

Give In-House Production a call at 702-631-4748 or email us at for your rental price today. Not only do we rent Round Sand-Bags, we Sale Round Sand-Bags. Makes you and your company look GOOD.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Locking Fall Protection Trolley.

In-House Production has come-up with a New Design for Trolleys used in/for Fall Protection. IHP redesigned the existing AMC Trolley, then added in a Custom Brake. Yes you heard right. A Custom Trolley Braking System designed for Fall Protection.

In-House Production's Fall Protection Trolley Brake

We at IHP have a Trolley that runs Smoothly and Stays Center as it rides along a 6" x 3.33" American Standard  6061-T6 I-Beam. The Braking System rides inside the Trolley. The Swivel Ring is attached to the Braking System, (not the trolley).

IHP's Trolley Brake with Retractable Life Line
How does the Fall Protection Breaking System work. The Breaking System is designed to stay open and let the trolley run freely on the I-Beam. As soon as 40 pounds of downward force is added to the ring, the breaking system engages and grabs the I-Beam. This stays locked onto the I-Beam until pressure is released.  In this photo we have attached a Retractable Life Line from Ultra-Safe.

IHP's Set-Up and Rigging Gear for Rent

Check out the long shot. At the bottom of the photo, you can see the Aluminum 6" 6061 T-6 I-Beam the Trolley Braking System was designed for. You also get a look at the 20.5" truss the I-Beam hangs from. This I-Beam and truss can be 5' long or 200' long. You name your needs. We have a Self Climbing Ground Support System using 20.5" truss legs and custom sleeve blocks. At the bottom of the legs are IHP's 3' x 3' x  1' Base Weights that has a weight of 1,250 pounds. If you look at the center of the photo, you can see a custom built frame for hanging Planar Video Wall. This wall will fly-in for viewing, then fly-out and hide.

Check out our web-site at for more information. IHP is a Stagehand Labor Provider for Shows and Events that has Rigging and Staging Rental Gear. Check out our Rental Catalog on the web.

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