Thursday, November 16, 2017

"STARS" Labor Management Software at In-House Production

What is "STARS". "STARS is a Labor Time Management Software Designed and Developed for the Entertainment Industry by In-House Production and used by In-House Production. It is designed to help streamline pencil and paper to the digital format.

Labor Planning:  One or a Group can plan the next days labor needs and work together as they fill the event, booth or show with labor need.

Scanning In-Out:  Workers start the day by using badges give to them (be union or non-union). The workers scan in and are ask their availability for the next day. They then sign there name on the screen. When done they have all the information at there fingertips as to what booth to report to, who is the lead at the booth of job and what department they will be working in.

Time Tracking:  This can keep track of 6th and 7th days. Even if they move from job to job, place to place. Union or non-union contracts can be added to time tracking for each client or employer. This take the guess-work out of tracking the employees working time and pay situations.

Reporting:  IHP can give real-time numbers to the client with a couple key strokes while they are standing there. What information might you, the client need. Just ask.

Dispatching:  With "STARS" Dispatch, you can ask if the workers are available and they can respond back through an APP. We can send the jobs out through the APP. There is far more to the dispatch they I can put-down.

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