Monday, November 2, 2009


In-House Production has something fun to walk on. STAGING IN THE POOL. Who said you can't walk on water. We have 30 - 4'x8' aluminum platforms that carry a 1" plexiglass top. Legs are designed to fit in the pool, and not mark up the bottom.
Give us a call for you next POOL PARTY. Everyone likes to walk on or over water and stay dry. Think of the fun your guest will have.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Today we tryed the NEW PRO-LIFTER 40 for the first time on a jobsite. I have to say "WOW". I took 3 hours from the street to hanging light with 4 riggers. 32' x 28' with 25' legs. Not 1 person had to walk the tower up, climb the leg to hang the motor over. All we did was build the leg, put in on the PRO-LIFTER 40 and watch it stand up. In a couple of minutes, the leg was standing up with the chain motor pluged in and working. No ropes, No walking the truss.

At loadout we were done taking down the ground support system and loading the truck. It took less then 2 hours with only 4 riggers. All the install crew were SAFE as the legs went up, and SAFE as the legs came down. This was In-House Production 4 leg Ground Support System we sude the PRO-LIFTER 40 on. The PRO-LIFTER 40 is avabilite for rent in Las Vegas. I have added photos to look at.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Something new for TOWER TRUSS. We built our own lifting system for our use, but you can buy one at LIFTER SYSTEMS. We have put together ours to stand our own 30' tower truss up with the chain motor hanging on the headblock. This is SAFE to use for the crew (you do not need 8 crew members to lift or lower the tower. No need to climb to the top of the tower and lift the chain over the headblock when installing). The lift works on 110 POWER. Just plug it into the wall. 2 people can take down 4 towers 30' tall truss towers SAFELY in less then 1 hours. When tower is down, you then remove the chain motors, unbolted truss and then put on carts. We had a tower pull over a scissor lift with a person in it and he did get hurt. No more of people getting hurt.  

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The video's is out. 2 training videos or now on our web site. They are under training. Get an idea about the use of Cable Grippers or as we call them "ProLocks". How to use them and what they can be used for. We also talk about "ProGrips". Take 1 "ProGrips" add a 3/8"x16 thread size Eye Bolt and you have a VerLock or RiteLock. When using the VerLock or Rite Lock, the Eye Nut is rated to carry more weight then the cable gripper "ProGrip". Working load of the Eye Nut is aroung 1000lb and the ProGrip working load is only 225lb for 1/8" aircraft cable. "ProLocks" are all one pieces. Check the Video out for more on "ProLocks".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


COMING SOON. "SOON HAS CAME". In-House Production has started working on doing training videos. The first Video is Swaging an eye in Aircraft Cable using Nicopress tool from National Telephone Supply Company. It is on our web site. Go to In-House Production, then to Entertainment, then to Training and you should be there. When watching the video, remember that I, Pat Bash have spent years and years working behind the camera and now I am in front of the camera. "WOW". Watch the video, then send me a comment. After I have been in front of the camera, trying to doing training videos, and hope I get better, I will then go back and redo my first couple of video. Have fun and hope you learn something. This is all in the fun of training.


Working in church is a good thing. Hanging speakers in a church is even a better thing. A couple days ago PRG gave us a call. Said the church had purchased speakers from PRG for the new stage area and asked if we at In-House Production could hang the speakers. Hang something, we are all over that. Hanging something in a church. We are there. The speakers are hanging and PRG made them sound great. Working together works.


Hard Rock has been calling and renting curtain track for some of the shows in the new theater (Joint). We have an alum track that is easy to hang and works great. We have rented platform, motors, truss as well as the curtain track. Give us a call when renting gear.


Global Entertainment took Lord of the Dance into the Steve Wyrick Theater for a Month run. Because of the off stage space, Global Entertainment rented chain motors from us and had us go in and install the chain motors so they could lift there set off the floor for storage when not in use. We were hoping for Lord of the Dance to have a long and health run at the Steve Wyrick Theater. The theater gods at the Steve Wyrick theater were all but good to Lord of the Dance. We hope the best for Global Entertainment and Lord of the Dance.


Material Handling is working as Mike has planed it. We have been busy doing material handling (pallet racking) all over town. We don't sale the racking, we supply the labor to install the racking. Mike has had Dan and Lemont all over town installing racking. Some of the jobs have been for (1) Centerennial Hills Library, (2) Trade Show Technical Warehouse, (3) Metro Police Storage Warehouse, (4) Las Vegas Water District and the list goes on.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Mike has been busy working on bids to install pallet racks. And he hooked the big one. We will be installing all the storage racking on all the floors at Aria Tower at City Center. What a job. Mike did a great, bidding on and putting together all the labor needed to install miles of racking. Not everyday a hotel with over 50 floors goes up and needs racking for the maids rooms and stations on every working floor. Working with Nauman Hobbs on this project, or any project is always good. They sale the racking, we supply the labor to install it. Back to what we do, laying out the project and supplying the labor to install the project. We dont sale it, we install it.


The City Center may be BIG with all the high rises but there is a hotel that is standing next to the City Center and is not part of the City Center. It is called the COSMOPOLITAN RESORT AND CASINO. To get to the Cosmopolitan you drive through the property of City Center. In-House Production has been hired by Show Canada to install the Lighting Grid system in the Ballrooms on the third floor at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Custom built light boxes built by Show Canada, hanging from brackets welded to the I-Beams. Things we like to do. Supply crews and install things. We are good at installing permanent or short term things.


City Center in Las Vegas is a big place and close to being done. In-House Production has been on the City Center site for over a year. We have been working with Stage Technologies doing rigging and installing winch motors built by Stage Technologies. We have been suppling crews in the Convention Center and Elvis Showroom in City Center. What a BIG place. We have been able to supply stagehands and ironworkers in installing winchs and run the miles of aircraft cable needed."MILES". It has been a great job working with Stage Technologies. They are a great group to work with.


We had our crew working over at the Rain Nite Club in the Palms Hotel. The Nite Club has stage trusses moving over the heads of the nite life people without a problem. We have taken down 9 chain motors and went through and inspected the motors. Replaced all the chains and chain gears, checked all the brakes and a good once over. Then we put the chain motors back without missing a nite of action. "See you at RAIN"


Hi Friend.
In-House Production now is on Facebook. Become a friend and check us out at facebook. We have Trish, Alicia and Joey working on keeping up with facebook inputs. "COME BE A FRIEND"

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What is New

I have not added a thing to the Blog in some time. What's new at In-House Production? We are about done with the new offices. We have added a total of 8 new office at Reno Ave.

The warehouse has started to come together with all of our rental supplies having a place.

We have started to take down and repair all install the CM chain motors in one of the nite club in the Palms Hotel.

We have started talks with with one of the movie theaters in Hawaii. This will to take over all theater repairs.

In-House Production, this week, signed a new contract with IATSE 720 for all the stagehand labor used. Contract good from 2009 to 2013. This is a good for our clients to insure we have the most qualified work force for their event.
We are sorry to here that one of the non-union labor companies had a rigging death with one of the workers. This person was a young person that fell through the ceiling at one of the hotel showrooms. Because of lack of leadership within the showroom and the lack of training by the labor company, this should have never happen. We at In-House Production pray for the family and hope this kind of death will never happen.

Lion King is a big hit in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. We are glad we could be a small part of the install.

Look for our NEW NEWS LETTER to be out this week. We have put together a news letter to e-mail out monthly with what is happening at In-House. This month is about the new Safety Director and a little about him.

The In-House LOGO will be changing its look. The logo is getting a face lift to bring it into the 21st century.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


In-House may not be doing the labor for the Lion King install. Disney signed a contract with local 720 for that, but we are doing a lot of other things. We have a contract to rent and install a Gantry over the stage. This will hang under the drops hanging in the fly loft. The gantry will have 4 chain motors that can move all over the stage. This is so they can move scenery to the basement. We are putting in a new locking rail on the lower loading bridge. This is so the rail can be moved from the stage floor. We also have the rehearsal studio that we are adding 3 temp dance floors. 1 is 70'x50' and 1 is 60'x70' and 1 is 8'x47'. This will be a sprung floor. We are hanging drapes, building wall with doors, renting music stands, garment racks and mirrors to dance by.


The time has come to start installing the Dock Level Units at City Center. This is our Material Handling Department doing the install. Docks in one part of the large complex are done and ready. We now can install 7 Dock Level Units. The Dock Level Units have been at our warehouse for about a year weighting for this time to come. When done we will have installed 35 total units.
Monday starts our crews working with Stage Tech on the winch install in the ballrooms and the showroom.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Take a look on how to put together clic-pipe. This 1" clic-pipe comes in 1 to 5 and 10 foot lengths. Check it out. Double click on the photo. See its dance.

Thursday, January 22, 2009




We have put together a OSHA 10 HOUR CONSTRUCTION AND GENERAL INDUSTRY TRAINING CLASS. We have a total of 30 of our top employees attending this 2 day training class. We have put together 2 classes with a total of 15 in each class. Classes are January 29 and 30, then February 18 and 19 of 2009.

Some of the top Las Vegas Entertainment Riggers and ETCP Riggers will have a little more to add to their knowledge when it comes to WORKING SAFE and SAFETY IN THE WORK PLACE.


In-House Production has been working on our warehouse for some time now. This warehouse is where we keep all our rental gear. Chain Motors, Truss and Platforms plus a lot more. Everything in one place. 9000 square feet with a 25000 square foot yard. That works. The Pearl Concert Theater loading dock at the Palms Hotel is a 7 iron away from our front door.
For the past 10 months we have tried to have 3 phase power installed. Working with Nevada Power and a licensed Electric Contractor has been fun. After all that, we now have 2 - 200 amp panels hanging on the wall. All they have to do now is pull the wire. We are hopping by the end of this month we will have 3 phase power. We took over this warehouse back in March of 2008 with our power needs to be done within 2 months. All of this for 3 phase chain motors. 50 amps would have worked. Now we have 400 amps. It will be nice to have all our rental gear in one place and not moving it from the office where we have 3 phase power.

Stop by and take a look. We like to show it off.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


WHAT A LOT OF RACKING. When you look at the CAD drawing of rows of racking you thing "no problem". Everything looks small on a piece of paper, but when you see over 3300 feet of racking all in one building all you say is WOW. When you stand at one end of the racking and look all the way to the other end, you say "WOW" that is a lot of racking.

Our main man Dan has lead a crew of 6 on this mission of racking. They did a great job. You look down the row and it goes on and on. I can't even thing of what it will take to fill all that racking. Good luck filling that.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


2009 started out great. We rented out stage truss and chain motors to Pro Stage West. They had several booths they were taking care of at this years 2009 CES Show in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center this January.

To help fill Pro Stage West order, we added to our stock of rental items over 1000 feet of new 12" x 12" truss. We also added CM 1/2 ton motors and controllers, plus a new 20' circle truss out of 12" x 12" truss. What a great addiction to our rental stock. Truss, Chain Motors and 10' and 20' round truss made from 12"x12" truss.


On December 19th all of us at In-House Production got together with our families and had a great night of eating, dancing and parting. It was a great night to dress up with family members and do something other then work. This years Christmas party was at Panevino Ristorante across the from the airport on Sunset.

I have to say the Atmosphere was great and the D.J. ROCKED. We look forward to the next Christmas party and where it will be, no one knows.