Sunday, February 22, 2009


In-House may not be doing the labor for the Lion King install. Disney signed a contract with local 720 for that, but we are doing a lot of other things. We have a contract to rent and install a Gantry over the stage. This will hang under the drops hanging in the fly loft. The gantry will have 4 chain motors that can move all over the stage. This is so they can move scenery to the basement. We are putting in a new locking rail on the lower loading bridge. This is so the rail can be moved from the stage floor. We also have the rehearsal studio that we are adding 3 temp dance floors. 1 is 70'x50' and 1 is 60'x70' and 1 is 8'x47'. This will be a sprung floor. We are hanging drapes, building wall with doors, renting music stands, garment racks and mirrors to dance by.

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