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"STARS" Labor Management Software at In-House Production

What is SYNCHRONUS. SYNCHRONUS is a Proprietary Stage/Labor-Management Software designed and developed by In-House Production for use in the Entertainment and Convention Industry. The software was built to eliminate excel forms used when supplying labor for those events. Give the client Real-Time information for all their labor requests for the event.

What is "STARS". It is (Stagehand Time Attendance Reporting System), the first SYNCHRONUS's Labor & Time Management Software. Move your labor management by eliminating pencil and paper, and move into the digital format.

Labor Planning:  One or a Group of labor coordinators can plan the next day's labor needs. Working together, they can fill the event, booth or show calls with labor need and track Day's, Weeks and Months.

Scanning In-Out:  Workers start the day using their badges give to them by the union, non-union or company. When the workers scan in, they are ask their availability for the next day. This helps for the next days work calls. They then sign their name on the screen/tablet. When done signing in, the worker is texted have all the information they need to go to work. What booth to report to. Who is the lead in the booth they need to report to? What department they will be working in. All within seconds on their phone.

Time Tracking:  The labor coordinator can see and keep track of 6th and 7th days. Even if they move from job to job, place to place or booth to booth. Add Union and non-union contracts into the software let time tracking track rates for each employee or client. This takes the guess-work out of tracking the employees working time and pay situations.

Reporting:  IHP can give real-time numbers to the client with a couple keystrokes on the computer while the client weights. What information might you need? Just ask.

Dispatching:  With Dispatch within SYNCHRONUS, you can ask if the workers are available and they can respond back through using the "STARS" APP. We then send the jobs out through the "STARS" APP to the workers. Workers then know when, where, and what time their next job starts. There is far more to the dispatch program then we have time for.

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"STARS" IHP's Stagehands Labor Management Software

"STARS" is a Stagehands Labor Management Software that In-House Production has been developing for several years. IHP's labor crew calls will be far more accurate and our clients will have real time numbers when they need them, like, Numbers of Crews, Hours Worked, Total Labor Cost in Real-Time.  Labor hours will be simplified for a higher quality and accuracy for our payroll processing needs.

All labor orders are completed and dispatched before the stagehand gets to the job site. When the stagehand scans-in using their ID badges, they are prompted to the next screen, as well as to where to go, and who to report to.

On Scan-in, they are ask asked several questions to simplify the next days labor requirements.

A new way to speed-up and simplify the signing-in process for stagehand and labor coordinators. Wireless, Portable and works through the world wide web (internet).



(Labor Planning, Time Tracking, Scanning In-Out, Reporting, Dispatching) 

 Stagehand Time Attendance Reporting System for the Entertainment & Convention Industry.
Only at In-House Production. 

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