Thursday, March 11, 2010


Have you seen the winter 2010 issue of PROTOCAL. Protocal is The Journal of the Entertainment Technology Industry. As a member of ESTA this journal comes in the mail. As I looked through the magazine, I come across a good friend, name Roy Bickel. Page 9 is the 2009 ROW Awards Preeminent Judges and there he is. A photo and article about Roy Bickel. The knowledge Roy has in all kinds of Theatrical Rigging is incredible. What a Judge. And if it has something to do with Rigging, look out.

Also the page before Roy, page 8 is Tim Brennan. Tim received the Rock Our World Award for the Bad Boys Luminaire. Tim Brennan is working with Production Resource Group and is a long time Nevadan with a family that goes way back in Las Vegas entertainmnet lighting business.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What happen when you need to do some creative rigging? What happens when you need creative labor? You call In-House Production. How do you take a 40’ by 60’ light grid, build it on the ground, lift it 30’ in the air and hang it from the ceiling. You call In-House Production. We at In-House Production have some of the top Riggers in Las Vegas. WE DO RIGGING, WE DO STAGE LABOR. We took 3 runs of aluminum 20.5” truss, set in on large rolling dollies, built this large light grid on top of the trussing, wired it for lighting and sound, hung chain motors from the ceiling and to the trussing, then lifted it into place, bolted it into the building and lowered the truss out from under the the grid and took the chain motors away. This is a perfect rigging job for theatrical riggers. We didn’t do this just one time. No. We do this over and over.

This all started with bringing in some of the top ironworkers in Las Vegas to install I-Beams to hang light grid points from for this permanent lighting grid. Bring in 9 truckloads of bolt together steel boxes to make the light grid, and then create not one, but several grids. Add custom lighting and audio to the light grids, wire them up, add rigging hang points to hang chain motors from and you have a very usefull light grid that can be used to hang conventions, events or shows.

We at In-House Production can supply all your theatrical labor needs from Riggers to Electricians to whatever your show labor needs are. We are able to do that small show with 2 techs to that 100 plus tech show with everyone working in controlled chaos. If you have done any time on a show, you know what controlled chaos is. In-House Production is the place for install labor.

Friday, March 5, 2010


The World Famous Magic of Penn and Teller has been performing at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for over 8 years, and In-House Production has been their with them. From the First day Penn and Teller walked on the stage, and took over the Rio Showroom, back then called the Samba Theater. Now called the Penn and Teller Showroom. In-House Production has suppled the show crew and took care of there show crew payroll needs. In-House Production is still supplying stage labor for the Penn and Teller show, and any event the Rio may have in its showroom as well as general maintanance to the showroom equipment.
Next time you are in Las Vegas, take in one of the best show in Las Vegas, The Penn and Teller Show at the Rio Hotel.