Monday, December 23, 2019

Labor Management Software for the Event and Entertainment Industry.

What is this, a new Video of WHAT? Why would someone look at a video of a guy sitting behind a desk, looking at computer monitors and a name tag that says, LABOR MANAGER?  "WHY".

You may know In-House Production is a Stagehand Labor Provider for Shows and Events. We needed a software program that lets us track Labor. Stagehand Labor. So we made it for what we do.

The Program does (1) Labor Planning, (2) Time Tracking, (3) Reporting, (4) Labor Scanning in-out, (5) Dispatching, (6) Single Sign-in and much more. Track 10 workers to 1000's with this web-based system.

We call it "STARS" Stagehand Time Attendance Reporting System. Take a look at the video we had made. If you would like more information as to what "STARS" can do, give us a call.

When building one of the main concerns was the KISS system.

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