Tuesday, March 14, 2023

In-House Production's Audio Towers and Crews.

Audio Speaker Towers by IHP
Audio Speaker Towers by IHP
  In-House Productions Audio Towers are a great addition when required to hang audio systems 30 feet to 40 feet in the air and not worry if it will hold or not. All towers are engineered for the application they are to be used for. 

IHP Crew Working on Audio Tower
IHP Crew Working on Audio Tower
IHP's crew is working to stabilize the towers for a safe event. We had some great help from the local Allegiant Crew. 

When working in the Allegiant Stadium IHP's crew needed the proper uniform for the job. Allegiant Stadium is the home of the Las Vegas Raiders so what is better than to have Raiders Colors when working in the Allegiant Stadium. Black and Silver. 

IHP Crew Uniform

You get a front and back view of IHP's crew for the installation and strike of Audio Towers and RRS Audio Speakers. 

IHP Crew Uniform

IHP Thanks RRS Audio Production and 4Wall for letting IHP be a part of this GREAT Event.
In-House Production
Las Vegas, Nevada


Custom Low-Profile Audio Carts

RRS Audio Systems ask In-House Production to custom-build low-profile audio carts that will easily roll on the grass 

After a little back and forth we came up with the perfect design to have speakers on the football field. 

 They look good and work great. Thanks, RRS for a great project.

Delivery inside the Allegiant Stadium

In-House Production delivered staging and trussing and a small crew to the Allegiant Stadium for one of the GREAT events inside the stadium. 

The side of the truck says everything we do at In-House Production. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Base Weights Used For Weights-On-Stage

This was a New Design for a Video Wall Install. Take In-House Production's 1ft x 3ft x 3ft Base Weights, put them on Steel Deck 4ft in the air, Bolt Truss to the Base Weights, and then install your video wall. What an Idea. Who needs Sandbags?. 

From the front, this had to look and work great. Great footprint over the steel deck and very little change of the video wall tipping over. In-House Production has those base weights ready for your next event. 

Call or email In-House Production at 702-631-4748 or info@ihplabor.com.  


Tuesday, August 23, 2022


In-House Production was asked to build some custom truss dollies. A dolly that can be used to stand the truss up and roll into place. When done, you can lay the truss down and use the dolly as a storage cart.  

What we have here is a scissor dolly and a custom 16in by 16in truss.

The dolly is made from Aluminum and the casters are flat-free. This rolls easily over just about everything.

The bottom dolly is designed to have the truss lay horizontal and have lights added to the truss. When ready roll the lights in place. Made to roll over cable ramps with no problem.

In-House Production


Tuesday, June 21, 2022




In-House Production has you covered with all your weight needs. Custom outriggers are attached to the base weights. Base weights already have grade 8 nuts installed for easy installation of hardware or truss. 

Need some serious tilt prevention. Give this a try. this makes a serious for print. It also moves the weight outside of the base weight. This works great in parking garages or anywhere you need to move the weight around. Only at In-House Production.

Simple, easy, and clean outrigger for those with special needs. Fits all of our 1ft and 2ft base weights. Only at In-House Production.

Use any corner block  the size truss you are using for outriggers. Add a 4 ft or 5ft truss and get some real overturn safety. Only at In-House Production.

Not only does the center eye swivel ring carry 10,000 pounds and swivel at any angle, but it can also be locked into place for safety and security. Only at In-House Production.

 With the double schedule 80 pipes, you can strap anything down. This has double pipes, a center anchor point, 5/8" shackles holes, and bolt down with the 20.5in bolt pattern. Only at In-House Production.

702-631-4748 or info@ihplabor.com