Saturday, February 24, 2024

Superbowl 2024

In-House Production was approached with the challenge of assembling the necessary equipment and a proficient team to deliver and install for a special event at a local football field. The task was monumental, with just one night allocated for installation before the event. The evening of the setup was unforgettable, and by the following night, the event was in full swing, leading to the prompt and efficient removal of the equipment immediately afterward. It was a remarkable execution under tight deadlines, showcasing our team's dedication and expertise.

In Las Vegas, where rain is a rare occurrence, we were met with an unexpected downpour that night. That week, the city experienced more rainfall than it had throughout the entire year, marking a significant deviation from the norm. Thankfully, we were spared the more extreme weather conditions often faced by California. Despite these challenges, the entertainment industry operates on strict timelines to prepare for events. The exceptional team from In-House Production, undeterred by the inclement weather, did not let the rain and cold hinder their installation efforts. Their dedication ensured that the event setup was completed on time, showcasing their professionalism and resilience.

All the truss, motors, staging, and installation labor were provided by In-House Production, where our focus on quality, durability, and practicality shines through in every project we undertake.


For detailed information about this event, as well as inquiries regarding past or upcoming events, please don't hesitate to contact In-House Production via phone or email. Allow IHP to tailor-make your event or supply rental equipment and labor to bring your vision to life.

In-House Production

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