Friday, August 6, 2021

IHP's Very First STARS Labor Management Zoom Meeting

 "WOW". I have to say that today was a very exciting day. The very first Zoom meeting with potential STARS customers. After seven (7) years in development and a countless amount of working personal hours, In-House Production is ready to show it to the world. THIS IS EXCITING...

I have to say finding the best way to do this Zoom Meeting was a challenge and what will work the best. We have Cameras, we had audio speakers, we had microphones and we dragged out some of our monitors and TV stands, then added some old lights, and set up some tables. This is the day.

The interaction between Ben and Raleigh as they talked about STARS was incredible. Ben knows the STARS program better than anyone and Raleigh knows how to use it on the job site. What a team. When it comes to Show & Tell, there are non better people to talk about STARS than Ben & Raleigh.

This could have been the Ben & Raleigh's talk show hour on your AM dial, and our hosts today are Ben & Raleigh. Today's talk show subject is STARS.  (Stagehands Time Attendance Reporting System).  

If you want to know more about Ben or Raleigh and what STARS is all about, let Ben and Raleigh show you around.

Contact us at or call us at 702-631-4748. 8-6-2021