Monday, August 27, 2007

In-House Production working with the South Point Hotel

In-House Production supplied all rigging chain motors and stage trusses, and installed rigging hardware at the new Nightclub/Showroom "Fever" at the South Point Hotel. In-House Production also made all hardware to hang 8 - 60" flat screens mounted to the back wall around 1 - 8'x12' LCD wall. We hung all flat screens around the bars, all curtain tracks, 1 motorized main and 1 tiller line up stage track. Side legs with tracks were installed to the underceiling of the ballroom.

We installed six 1-ton Chain Master chain motors over the dance floor. With one button on the controller, all six motors move; this is used primarily to repair lighting fixtures. There are three 35' long trusses with two Chain Master motors for each 35' of truss.

We started with this project when the room was a dirt floor. If you are at the South Point, stop by and take a look.