Monday, August 10, 2009


Today we tryed the NEW PRO-LIFTER 40 for the first time on a jobsite. I have to say "WOW". I took 3 hours from the street to hanging light with 4 riggers. 32' x 28' with 25' legs. Not 1 person had to walk the tower up, climb the leg to hang the motor over. All we did was build the leg, put in on the PRO-LIFTER 40 and watch it stand up. In a couple of minutes, the leg was standing up with the chain motor pluged in and working. No ropes, No walking the truss.

At loadout we were done taking down the ground support system and loading the truck. It took less then 2 hours with only 4 riggers. All the install crew were SAFE as the legs went up, and SAFE as the legs came down. This was In-House Production 4 leg Ground Support System we sude the PRO-LIFTER 40 on. The PRO-LIFTER 40 is avabilite for rent in Las Vegas. I have added photos to look at.

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