Saturday, January 14, 2017


As the 2016 year came's to an end, In-House Production had its yearly Christmas Party. This year, the party was at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. I have to say this was one of the better Christmas parties we had for all those that have helped In-House grow to what it is today.  
IHP's 2016 Christmas Party at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. The Backroom was taken over with food, drinks, games, service and good times. Hofbrauhaus is known for this type of events. 

IHP's part of the party space
As the guest started to attend the party, tables started to fill up, and drinks started to flow.

Toast to Friends, and Good Health. 
Hofbrauhaus is know for the great Food, Drinks and Entertainment that only the Germans can do. This is why we decided to having the 2016 Christmas party at Hofbrauhaus. What a great and perfect place.

If you frequently attend the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas for food and drinks, you know about what comes with drinking shot. Shots were flowing as you can see.

Santa, Santa's helper and Pat. (All three are family)

 Santa and Santa's Helper stop by to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas. Santa handed out presents to all.

Pat B wanted to make sure he had a photo with Santa.

                                                                         I We would like to say Thank-You to all those that came to the 2016 In-House Production's Christmas Party. Everyone had a Great Time and we were glad to have the party.

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