Thursday, September 22, 2016

TODD Sneaks into the Emmy's

TODD makes it into the Emmy's. You may ask what or who is TODD. TODD is a 4 Wheel Cart Designed to Move around IHP's 1,300 pound Base Weights. It is a Hand Crank Lifting System that make it easy to Move around the Weights when there is no Fork-Lift around to use. In the photo below, you can see TODD under the bleachers with boxes on and around the dolly. It is that yellow 4 wheel dolly sitting under the bleachers.
TODD is the Yellow Dollie
We have a TODD 3 and a TODD 4. 3 stands for 3 sides and 4 is for 4 sides. In the Photo Below

you can see what TODD moves around. IHP's 1,300 pound Base Weights. In the photos the Base Weights are Double stacked and lifted off the ground using Scaffold Jacks. The Base Weights are 3' x 3' x 1' tall and designed to bolt 12" and 20.5" plated truss to. When doubled stacked, they are over around 2,500 pounds. You can stack 3 high, 4 high, 5 high or as high as you want. They bolt together with 1-1/4" all thread. 

Give us a call at 702-631-4748 and let us discuss your need for weight close to the ground.
In-House Production

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