Monday, September 5, 2016

Entertainment Hanging System at Hooters in the Palms Hotel

Hooters at the Palms Hotel ask Bravo Show Productions to come-up with a design for a Video Wall hanging over the Bar. Bravo Productions called In-House Production for that Design. In-House Production came-up with this Custom Design and Solution on how it should hang from the ceiling. In-House Production, working with Butler's Construction, Aurora LED Systems, ACE Banners and Lochsa Engineering for this Very Special Video Wall look. We at In-House Production were able to Design this Unique Double Sided Hanging Video Walls with Vegas/Hooters Sign and TV Monitors. Now the Entertainment System over the bar.

Both Video Walls are around 9' tall and 16' wide. Side TV Monitors are 75" on top and 65" on the bottom. The Welcome sign is over 4' tall with the star and 8' wide. Hooters Entertainment Center hangs 8' off the ground over the Center Bar. 

The above photo give you an idea as to the size of the Steel Frame before adding the Double Video Walls, TV Monitors. Vegas/Hooters Sign is Hanging. This was a great time and place for the Group Photo of the Install Team.  

You have a good view anywhere you sit. With nearly 50 Plus TV Monitors, Two (2) Large Video Walls, this will be the place to be for all those Sporting Events.

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