Monday, March 16, 2020


 When was the last time you tried to load platforms into a truck and the casters got in the way? How many times have you stacked platforms on platforms and have the caster frame bend? How many times have you needed a simple way to add casters to a platform without some monster task.

We at In-House Production had all those same problems. As the idea is old, we believe the design is new and strong. Adds a lot of support from and to the platform. 

We painted it Yellow as this is our color. What color would you like? We added IHP into the steel so we don't have to worry about losing stickers. We added our barcode number into the steel so we can track each TTC Dollie Caster Plate. No more stickers to lose.  

Made at our shop for our platforms. They could fit Steel-Deck carts if we had Steel-Deck carts. They can fit any 2" by 2" square tubing receiver. 

Look for them at your next show.
In-House Production
Las Vegas, NV
We also supply stagehand labor. 

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