Monday, March 16, 2020


I have lived in Las Vegas for a long time. In all that time, I have not ever seen or do I remember of a Casino, Gambling Hall, Production Show ever CLOSING in LAS VEGAS, NV. This is my first. If this is going on in Las Vegas, I can't even imagine what the country or the world is going through. 

I have added this to In-House Production's Blog as a reminder and date as to when this took place. 

Casino's close, the food is off the shelves, stores are cutting hours, and when or where will this end. 

As the Coronavirus is bad, I believe the plan to keep it from spreading maybe even worse. 

May we stay safe and hope this virus ends soon so everyone can get back to some kind of life. Casino's open, Shows and events come back, and stores stock back up with food. 
In-House Production wishes everyone the best of an unpleasant chain of events. 

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