Sunday, March 27, 2016


When we at In-House Production comes up with a design and put together, We don't stop there. We climb all over it before we do anything with it. We are trying a new design for an outdoor event with towers and out-riggers. The first photo here is some of the guys that take part in the design as we work on something. As you look at the photos, you will some of the ideas we come up with.
The Shop Crew

As we started to put the leg together we decided to take some of our Hand Rails for our Decking, add a couple parts we had in the shop and come-up with Hand Rails (bike-racks). Free standing good looking barriers to keep those away from the free standing towers.
Hand-Rails used for Barriers

After taking IHP's 1300 pound Base Weight, bolt 20.5" truss to it, sliding on the sleeve block, install the head block, bolt on the horizontal truss to the sleeve block and lift the rig with 1 ton chain motor. When the horizontal truss was in the air, we add our out-riggers. When it was all up, we stood back and looked at the rig, We then take a scissor lift and went up to the center of the horizontal span and started shake the truss violently to see what happens all the way down to the ground,  also where the weak points are. This is where it becomes fun. 

We have 2 legs and 50 foot span for lights only. This will work for that but if we added a video wall to the truss, we would need a lot more support.  

Looking Down the Truss

Leg and all parts 
After coming us with this, we are looking at a way to add our lifting unit to stand the truss up. Look for that in the near future.

With a little black paint and the out-riggers will become black. In the dark of the night the whole rig disappears and all you will see is the lights.

If you have comments, please let us know what they are as we at In-House Production like comments. If you want more information, give us a call or come by.
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