Friday, March 25, 2016


Pipe and Drape BASE PLATE CART. We call them FLOPPY BASE STAND CART. I hope you are old enough to remember what a floppy disk is.  
If you look at the Pipe & Drape Base Plates, and how the plates slid into their slots, it has the look of those OLD FLOPPY DISKS used with computers.

Pipe and Drape Base Plate Carts
Floppy Base Stand for Pipe and Dra

       Floppy Base Plate Carts are 30" x 30" and stackable. Add a slid-on Casters Wheels to the cart and they are ready to roll. Slid off the Casters and the Cart are ready to Stack. This one just came off the design and build work table.

Pipe and Drape Base Plate Carts
This is something NEW from
IN-House Production. We made them for our convenience, but can they could work for you. We will build more.

When we powder coated ours, we use the color Yellow. We can paint whatever your color may be.

Give Jeff a call to see what it would take for you to have this convenience in your shop or show site,

In-House Production

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