Sunday, July 4, 2010


Looking for that group of STAGEHANDS that can put your show together. To hang that Truss, hang the Lights, hang those Speakers, put-up the Screens, set the Stage, for your event. Take all this from the trucks to the stage. In-House Production is your team. We supply STAGEHANDS. From 1 or 2 crew stagehands to that large call of hundreds and hundreds of stagehands, all doing what they were trained for, putting in your show or event. Las Vegas is our home base, but that does not mean we only supply STAHEHAND labor in Las Vegas. We have skilled STAGEHAND labor in Fresno and all over Californa, all the Inlands in Hawaii, and down in Texas, Corpus Christi that is and everything within a 150 miles around Corpus Christi. Skilled and Trained STAGEHAND Labor for your event. Give us a call and the stagehand crew is their and ready to work.

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