Saturday, July 10, 2010


At the end of 2009, before the opening of City Center, In-House Production was given the job of putting together labor to install some FREE STAND CURVED STAIRS as seen in the photo. Show-Canada did the design of the free standing curved stair unit, and then built the stair structure needed in their shop. When it was time to bring the stairs to Vegas, Show-Canada needed some skilled LABOR to get the stairs, from the truck in he basement to the 58th floor. 8 large steel pieces and not one was square, put them on dollies, fit them into the elevator and ride up 58 floors. Get them out of the elevator and down a small hallway and into the room they live at now. Now the fun begins. A big jig saw puzzle that bolts and welds together. A little trimming, a little fitting and the free standing steel stairs are up. Then Gladstone came in and we started it all over. Taking the custom bent brass from the trucks to the 58th floor. In-House Production said good-by to Show-Canada and hello to Gladstone. Our crew was up to the challenge of putting the brass together and giving it that look. A little welding, a little fitting, a little polishing and look what we came up with. A little steel, a little brass and a great photo of the stairs. The owner of Gladstone in the good looking lady on the stairs. In-House had STAGEHAND because of the detail talent, and talented IRONWORKERS welding it all together. Steel and Brass. Show-Canada and Gladstone knew that with the talent In-House was able to put together, made this job a no brainier. STAGEHANDS, IRONWORKERS, Show-Canada's crew and then Gladstone's crew working together. Look what we came up with. What a great look. Within a couple of months, the stairs were on TV. It is in the first 2 minutes of the bachelorette. Check it out at: Hope this works. With labor like this, image what we could do for your labor needs. Your EVENT, PRODUCTION or INSTALL. The sky is the limit. Or is it. I almost forget. We did not do 1 set of stairs. We did 4 sets of stairs in the tower.

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