Friday, September 6, 2019


How do you make a push/pull system using a chain hoist? Use a turn around the block. Does the chain care that it is pulling up or down? That is the question. 

Just add a 1-ton chain hoist and install it on its side. Does the center hang hook care if it is pulling on its side if it, pulling straight in line as the hook? That is the question.

Nothing like hanging a chain hoist off the end of an aluminum I-Beam. Just build a custom chain hoist hanging bracket.

Add a turnaround chain sheave and a bunch of 6in cable sheaves, then bolt it to the other end of the I-Beam and you are ready to go.

As the trolley travels across the I-Beam is pulling the pick-up lines, using a 1-ton 32fpm chain hoist, then doubling the pick-up lines I have a 64fpm curtain lifting just a little work.
One day setup and working.

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