Tuesday, July 3, 2012

''W O W '''

New Truss Delivered to In-House Production. In-House Production spent a little money and ordered NEW TOMCAT TRUSS. This is the first part of our changes we are doing here at In-House Production. We have New 12" x 12" x 10' by 8', 5 Way Corner  Blocks and 5 Way 20.5" Corner Blocks. All this truss is added to our In-House Existing Stock Rental Truss.
In-House Production will also be changing all of In-House Production CM Chain Motors from Double Hubble to 7 PIN SOCO Cables. We tryed something new. We have Pelican Case 8 Way Controllers from Applied Electronics heading our way with 25' and 100' Remote Extension. Peleican Case will be a change from the ATA Cases we have had. Hope it works. When done, Motors and Controllers will be able to work with several other companies in Las Vegas who have changed over to 7 pin cables.

Speaking about ATA Boxes. We have had several of our 1/2 Ton CM Chain Motors without Cases. So as the Last Part of the changes, we ordered new ATA Cases for our CM 1/2 Ton Motors. We stayed with out color and ordered ATA Motor Cases in YELLOW. YES YELLOW.  We call it SAFETY YELLOW. --SAFETY FIRST-- Cases have been ordered from Pro-Pak in Las Vegas. They work with us. We are always changing or trying new things, so we went from a 2 Chain Motors Per Box to 3 Chain Motors. The boxes will stay the same size outside as our Double Brake Chain Master ATA Box. This works for stacking and storing or shipping. It great when it all fits.

As the new Item come in, I will add to the Blog.
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