Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Platforms and there use.

I have added several uses of In-House Production platforms we have for rent. Several ideas for the use of In-House steel platforms with legs. Here are 2 ideas for the rental platforms.

The first is used to make a 8' wide by 12' long and 6' high platform. This has stairs with railings on both sides of the stairs and on all 4 sides of the platform leaving an opening for the stairs and its handrail. We had added 6' Black Skirting to dress it up. As you look at the photo at the top of the stairs you will see no skirting. This was done to show the platform. Any size and height can be built with skirting.

6' high platform for convention on-lookers
Second photos are used as a handicap ramp. This is used as a temporarily replace the permanent ramp, as they work on the area too beautiful. This handicap ramp has less then 1" high to 12" long rise. Ramp was 25' long from end to end and 4' wide with handrails. The ramp used a small space from the steps and walkway going into the building. Steve Ray at Mikon Construction Company INC was pleased with the look, cost and install time to put in place. 

Temporary Handicap Rental Ramp In-House Production

Temporary Handicap Rental Ramp from In-House Production

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