Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In-House Production, a Union Stagehand Payroller Service. A Payroller Service is a Payroll company with a twist. A Payroller is a Labor Provider that has Signed a Contract / Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with a labor / trades Union. By signing this CBA with the union, the Payroller becomes the employer of the employees.

Payroll Service is an accounting business whose main focus is the preparation of payroll for other businesses. Such firms are often run by Certified Public Accountants, through a typical payroll processing company will refer to itself as a service rather then a CPA firm, to distinguish its payroll service from the general tax and accounting service that are generally not offered by a payroll service. The typical client of a payroll service is a small business - one just large enough for payroll to be complicated to the point of a hassle, but still small enough to not merit its own full-time payroll department.  The tasks that can generally be expected of just about all payroll serves are:
1: Printing of employee pay checks on time for payday
2: Appropriate calculation of withholding of federal, state, and local taxes
3: Calculation of payroll taxes to be paid by employer (such as Social Security and Medicare)
4: Filing of quarterly and annual payroll reports
5: Depositing of withholding amounts with tax authorities
6: Printing and filing of year-end employee tax documents such as Form W-2

A "Payroller" is a Labor Provider that has signed a contract (CBA) with a Union. The payroller is responsible for all employees working under the CBA, W-4, I-9, Sign-In Sheets, Sign-Out Sheets, Work Place Safety, Audits from the Union amd/or Insurance Companies, Dealing with Employees and there Problems (HR), Dealing with the Union and its Officers when they believe the CBA is not being followed to there interpretation of the Agreement. This is one reason why the Payrollers cost is more then a Payroll service. A Payroll Service has no interest or need to deal with the Employees, he Unions and its problems.

If the Employees Payroll Checks are Wrong, Union Benefits are Wrong, Hours and Rates aare Wrong, this is NOT the Payroll Services Problem. They did NOT Sign the CBA. You are NOT there Employees. Talk to your Employer.

      With all CBA's, the union has the right to go through the companies books. This is so the union can make sure that the company with the CBA is working or paying within the agreement. A payroll service has NO CBA, the union is unable to go through the Payroll Service books. As not having this CBA, dealing with the union and the cost that is associated with the union, the cost to do payroll is far less per employee.

A Union Payroller cost is much higher per person then a payroll service. This is because of the cost associated with dealing with the union and being the payroll service. Some Payrollers hire or have hired payroller services so they do not have to deal with state or federal taxes. In-House Production does all it payroll in house. We deal with the union, we deal with the audit from the union as well as audits from the insurance companies and all payroll service needs. You our client can spend more time on your business, not in audits.

Most Production Companies or Audio Visual Companies going out of state for their client, have no idea how to deal with the Out of State Labor, Labor Unions or go through all the Government Paperwork deal with the state taxes. This is when you call a Payroller / Payroll Service............... You need to call In-House Production at (702) 631-4748 or our webpage at http://www.ihplabor.com/.

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