Saturday, December 4, 2010


 In-House Production was asked to come up with a system that could be added into the concrete floor with a lift out of over 2000lb of force. The idea was to be able to use for guides and bolt down to the floor anything one could imaging. Three things had to be part of the design.
(1). It had to not rust. Being mounted into the floor, water and cleaning fluid will become part of its dayly life.  (2). It had to be flush to the floor when not in use. This could not be a trip hazard as the Ballroom is used for a number of events. (3). It had to have the center screw able to screw-out. Custom screw plugs can be built for those custom events that requires that different look. This node has a 5/8" threaded hole to except eye bolts. The Node were engineered to meet any city requirment and inspection after being installed. Great Idea with a custom look for that special ballroom floor. 

After driving a scissor lift over and bending the FLOOR POCKET COVERS and not having the water and elect covers not matching with the custom nodes that have been power coaded, something had to be done with the floor pockets. As wit the Nodes, We cam up with custom built FLOOR POCKETS
 WITH HINGED DOORS. We built them from 3/8" plate and added sides to the doors so they coulld not cave in. Painted the same color as the nodes to match the floor as the nodes do, it came out to look as the floor did. We at In-House Production DESIGNED, HAD BUILT AND INSTALLED BOTH THE CUSTOM NODES AND CUSTOM FLOOR PLATE COVERS. For more information on the nodes or floor cover plates, give us a  call at 702-631-4748  

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