Monday, August 30, 2010


In-House Production at work:
Sony PlayStation brings their meeting to the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. In-House Production is there to supply Install labor. In-House Production also supplied 20.5" stage trussing to hold the Large Rear Projection Screen Frame built by StageHouse in Las Vegas. Chase Webb was on site to help with all their labor needs from unloading the Trucks to putting together the Screen Frame, Sound, Lighting and Video. Then the strike and loading up the trucks. It was a great event for Sony and a seamless install.
Sony PlayStation packs up the trucks and heads to Texas. This time is GameStop in San Antonio Texas and In-House Production is their suppling labor for this install. Kelly Whitlock is there on site for the load-in. The event was a big hit in Las Vegas and a big hit in San Antonio. The event was without any problems. The crews in both Las Vegas and San Antonio where on top of there game for this install.
There is nothing like having a crew that knows where things go and how they should go together without having to stand over there shoulder. This is the crew we at In-House Production believe out clients should have on their event or production.

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