Tuesday, April 27, 2010


How about a 30' x 30' x 26' tall truss tower system temporally installed inside your building so you have something to hang lights from.  But you have no rigging points in the ceiling to hang this 30' x 30' aluminum stage truss from. You need truss to hang light from to light that main stage boxing ring for that big fight night. You need an IDEA. Call In-House Production and have them bring out and install their Tower Leg Climbing Truss System. With the use of their Pro-Lifter, they can stand that tower system safely with a only a couple of crew members. That 30' x 30' x 24' trim height was no problem for In-House Production. Lighting the fighters for the crowd makes a great show. We at In-House Production also supplied all the rigging hardware to hang speakers, and with our Rental Box of Banner Poles / Clic-Pipe and Banner Clamps, they were able to hang all the advertisement Banners all over the room. What a great income bust.

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