Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rental Rigging Hardware.

In-House Production has purchased over 1000 feet of 20.5" truss, corner blocks and custom sizes hardware for 20.5" truss. We now have 6 ground support tower truss legs plus over 1000' of 12"x12" truss and all the hardware that can make it work for your job. With the shop working at full speed we now have 4' x 8' stage platforms for rent. Platforms can be legged to any hight needed for your event.
Things for rent
  1. 12" truss. 2'-4'-5'-8'-10'-corner blocks and much more.
  2. 12' tower truss legs for ground support systems. Total 6 legs.
  3. 20.5" truss. 2.5'-5'-8'-10' corner blocks and much more.
  4. Stage Platforms with Legs, will hold a car with no problem, 2'x4-2'x8-4'x4'-4'x8'
  5. 2 Custom 40" Mirror Balls with Black Covers.
  6. 60 Chain Motors from 1/4 ton to 2 ton and all for hanging.
  7. Banner Rigging Hardware for rent and sale.
  8. 1-1/2" Alum pipe 15' long and 5' long
  9. 1-1/2" Steel Black pipe 20' long plus will cut to fit.

This is what is new at In-House Production.

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